A few changes in a short time.

With heavy hearts and tears, we decided that life onboard Mischief ( or whichever boat we chose) was not in the best interests of  our girl, Mizzen. 

In April, Kelly ventured back to Canada with Mizzen in tow to take her back to Kris.  Knowing that she loved him so much, and he had time to care for her, and knowing how hot and clearly uncomfortable she was on the boat, we decided that a yard and snow and a place to run, were better for her.  Talk about emotional! 

She loves her new yard and home with Kris and Shayla and she runs freely in the big yard at the lake

We think we found ourselves a boat….  We put an offer in on a Leopard 43 and Darren and I travelled by plane to Miami to take a look at it.  Well, to keep you from being bored… nope, this wasn’t the boat, but we had a fabulous trip to Miami and Ft Lauderdale!  We had both not been there before, so it was a great long weekend looking at different boats and being in the city again!  We would definitely like to come back here at some point!

After internet searches, asking friends, people we know, brokers, and sailors, we finally found ourselves a boat.  Interesting this is, it was right there in Shelter Bay marina!

Our next boat, and our New-New home is a Nautitech 47.

This boat had been on the hard in Shelter Bay for almost a year, and so required a bit of maintenance before we splashed her into the Caribbean sea. 

Paint the bottom, a few engine checks and updates, and she was good to go! time for a renaming ceremony with friends.

We put her in the water, and went to Panama city with our good friends Sid and Manuela and shopped to outfit her properly, cause, well, you know… obviously we didn’t bring enough STUFF from Canada!!!!  UGH!   We have planned to do some sailing Instruction and some charters from this boat, so we wanted her set up properly, and as beautiful as she already is, it could use a bit of a woman’s touch.

Linens, towels, doormats, dishes, cutlery, service dishes etc… we found most of it in a loaded down 4 seater car that Manuela carefully drove around Panama City!  Thanks Doll! 

We left Sheltler Bay in June, and were finally headed back to our beloved San Blas islands.  – almost.

Remember I said that we were showing the new owners of Mischief the ‘ropes” ?  Well the came with us, them gently behind, from Shelter Bay to Portobelo, then to Linton as we taught them as much as we could.  Leaving Linton, we felt that there was something wrong with our transmission.  We just didn’t know what yet…  so after a 6am departure, we made our way back to Linton to find out what the problem was. 

After a few days we found the issue with the Saildrive and we decided that we needed to haul out to fix it.  Back into the slings we go!

We spent four long days on the ground at Linton marina, before our successful relaunch of NautiKel.   All was well and we continued our journey,… right after the World Cup soccer match of course.!!!   We would be glad to get out of the marina area, the dirt, mosquitos and rain.

Lucky for us, we had friends hauling their boat out in the marina at the same time, and English couple whome we got on with very well, and we could all support the English team when we were surrounded by Panamanians and Colombians for the final matches.

July we made it back to San Blas in time for some beautiful weather and glorious sunsets.

And then something serious happened……

One thought on “A few changes in a short time.

  1. Waiting with bated breath! What happened?

    Your journey sounds like the typical one of all cruising sailors.

    Enjoying your blogs very much. Safe travels.

    Say Hola to Darren for me.

    Maureen (QB\Mexico)

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