Gear and “Stuff” Recommendations

WE have a combined 50,000 plus ocean miles and living aboard behind us, and we have found some things that just WORK for us, take a look….  Some of these we use in our Land Life as well…

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For the GoPro,.. and extra battery park is absolutely necessary we suggest this one:

While in the Caribbean, I hated having to worry about Tan lines… in whatever I wore, and since we spent A LOT of time in Swimwear, we wanted something that
1. Dried quickly, 2. Was really breathable, and 3-Bonus of NO TAN LINES
So we suggest this company for their excellent product and fabulous service.

This is a favourite whether at home in the Pacific North West, on our temporary boat, or in the tropics… who likes to clean a BBQ anyways?  this mate really works, and you can cook veggies, fish, even eggs on it.  REALLY!

A multitool is handy onboard and we really liked this Leatherman one.

A Dual Sim Card Phone! I actually bought the Motorola Moto-G in Colombia over a year ago. Its Mediocre, I think its on its last legs,and I think a $300 phone should last longer. This one, the Galaxy J7 we ALMOST bought for Darren in Panama, but the next day.. they were SOLD OUT.. would have, could have, should have. Anyways a dual SIM phone allows you to have a constant number AND a local number – Brilliant, I had been looking for this for YEARS~!!! of course you can’t buy in Canada, but ship it to a friends in the US, and Presto!
This is the one we recommend.

Since we have been home, one of us has tried taking the newest fashion in musical Instruments- a Ukulele. Think about it, compact, sounds great, and only 4 strings to learn. This company shipped quickly and the product is great quality

Many of our shots are taken with a Sony a6000 mirrorless Camera.

WE got a great deal on Gul footwear at our local chandlery, but were quite disappointed that they didn’t stand up as well as we had hoped. The color started coming off and the welt (the part that holds the sole onto the shoe) started coming off soon after we bought them.

What we DO like are Sperry Shoes

If you have followed our blog along… you will; know that Colin had a fantastic Drone he had brought all the way from Aus. We tested that Drone in Turks and Caicos… its a long story… but he DID eventually get a new one.
This is the newer version of the one that caught fire and blew up.

You can read the story on our Turks and Caicos Post

I have found this favourite one while back in Canada, as in Canada, we cannot buy powdered milk that is anything more than skim!!!  Horrible.  This is great as back up on the boat for cream for that necessary coffee in the AM!  We don’t like artificial products, so this back up is fantastic