We arrived in Bordeaux after a quick 7 hour drive from Paris.  We were quickly taken by the beauty of this ancient city.  It was once name La Belle Bois Dormant, or in English, Sleeping Beauty, and we were quick to see why.

After having seen the hussle and bustle of Paris, it was nice to get to a smaller city, although still busy.  It was easy to manoever around the city and we were close to shops and restaurants. 

Two days later we were to take delivery of Sea Rose2, a Lagoon 52F owned by Bob and Teresa Rose.   We have been hired to Captain the boat and assist them with managing this larger Catamaran. 

The handover went well, trying to understand all the systems in just a couple of days is quite overwhelming, but we will have some adjustment time before any long journeys.  The boat had to be hauled out again in Bordeaux for a couple  of adjustments, so we still had another 5 days before we would actually start living onboard, and the Residence Hotel close to the marina was close and convienient. 

While adventuring one day we came across two famous churches. Catherdral St Andre is one of the most beautiful religious monuments in Bordeaux.  Although most of what it’s visible today was built in the 13th and 14th centuries, the cathedral’s oldest section dates back to 1096. 

Saint André’s unique style is endearing yet unexpected, especially because of its freestanding Gothic belfry erected between 1440- 1466.  The cathedral served as the wedding hall for Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII, in 1137. 

We were also taken by the beautiful Eglise Notre-Dame de Bordeaux, built during the reign of Louis XIV.  It’s a smaller church of only 60 m2, but its Boroque Jesuit style of architecture is classically beautiful. 

We enjoyed a few evenings at a market called the “Halles De Bacalan”.  It is a drinking/ dining/ market type of indoor  place where the food was diverse and amazing.    Oysters were my favorite there, and being in the oyster area of France, we did indulge!

Being only a block away from our Apartment, we enjoyed it very much!