Change of Plans in Cartagena

Cartagena has given us a few surprises; some wonderful, others not so much.

We have been here since June 1, now, just over 2 weeks. We absolutely LOVE the city. And will go into WHY in just a bit.

But in the interim, Colin’s health deteriorated rapidly one we arrived. After many trips for tests at the wonderful Bocas Grande Hospital, he made the very difficult decision to fly back to Australia on the earliest possible flight.   Cancer is a crap disease to get, and its taken its toll on our fearless, strong, energetic Captain.   We had a few suspicions, but some tests here in Colombia confirmed our fears.

So, in tears we write this post, after so many EPIC snorkels, sea battles, shroud popping, dolphin spotting, sunsets, beaches, laughter, frustrations, parasail sets, reefing-raining-windy sails in some glorious anchorages and islands.

Darren and I will continue to look after FMD in South and Central America until we get our Captain back in better condition than when he left.

Col, your adventure is not complete yet.

Always ready for a snorkel
Chilling in Grenada
Chilling in Grenada
Ready to Launch!!!

3 thoughts on “Change of Plans in Cartagena

  1. Godspeed for Skip’s recovery. Colin is one tough sailor; and we have confidence in his medical team as he prepares for battle.
    Luv, Luv.

    1. Thanks Guys, we are all hoping for the best for Col. Our hugs and prayers are with him.

  2. Hi Guys
    So sorry to hear about Colin. We wish him the very best for a quick recovery. And, all the best to the two of you!
    – Al and Val

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