I was especially taken with the architecture and beautiful simplicity  and the quaintness of the Cotswolds.  I saw beauty everywhere.  This is somewhere I could live- and I don’t say that easily. 

Ricky and Sandra own a dog kennels and focus on training dogs in England.  Ricky is very well known in the community and is sought after world wide for his reputation in training.  While  we stayed with them, Darren enjoyed being around dogs again and helping out at Ribblesdale Kennels with Ricky and Luke.

We all had many days out together in the fields enjoying the beauty and magic of the English countryside.

A real treat for Darren was spending time with his youngest nephew, William, who we had only seen pictures and met thru video calls.  He’s a very pleasant polite young man with a fantastic sense of humour , and who loved his “new” uncles company very much.

It was nice to be home with Family for Christmas and having the delight of a youngster enjoy the magic of Father Christmas.  Our last few Christmas were spent on San Blas beaches with our dear friends, so this was a real treat.    We enjoyed  fantastic meals, company and gifts from family who hadn’t expected us. 

One day, we were experienced the ritual of a Fox Hunt at a neighboring estate.  PLEASE don’t be calling the SPCA just yet!!!!  They actually do it with a scent bag and do NOT really chase and kill a live fox anymore.  Its mostly for the ceremony of the sport and training of the hounds and horses.  It was interesting to see such and occasion so deeply rooted in England Country history.

The horses and huntsmen women and young riders were beautifully maintained and well dressed in all its proper etiquette.  It was something I had never experienced before.

One of the Special things abut being cruisers is the friendships we have with fellow cruisers.  Remember the malaria incident?  And our Sapzurro Adventure?  You may remember Chris and Caroline from Panama from previous posts.  Well they happened to be in UK at the same time we were.  We made a point to see them and have a very fun evening checking out the local pubs in the Lechlade area where we were staying. 

It was fabulous to see them again, as we never know when it might be that our paths cross again, if ever. 

The quaintness and beauty of the Cotswolds will be lovingly remembered.