Finally My Darling

When you believe enough, something will come along.

Finally My Darling did just that.

We decided to join Colin and Pam on FMD when we got word that their “crew”, their daughter and son-in-law, decided to go back to Australia to work.  It came at a time when we were ready for a change after a few epiphanies that make you rethink your life.

FMD is a Lagoon 44 three cabin model sitting in Grenada for hurricane Storage.  Colin and Pam are in Australia undergoing some treatment for the dreaded “C” word, and we will join them to help deliver FMD where ever Cap’t Col wants to go.   See their website of their previous travels at Finally My Darling.  Nope, we’ve never met ( in person)  Skype is a wonderful tool, but we believe that we all have the right energies amongst us to live the dream together in a 44 foot boat in the Caribbean.