Northern England is remarkably different than the Cotswolds area in so many ways.  The influence of the Industrial revolution is remarkably evident everywhere in the Lancashire area. 

Going to school in Canada, we heard and studied a bit this era, but it was not really understood the hardships these ancestors had in so many different capacities.  The architecture is different, their dialect is different, and even some foods are different. 

We spent some time between the South where Ricky lives and the North where the rest of the family live.   Deb and John were happy to have us stay , and they did everything possible to make us feel at home in their home.  We know that we are always welcome to be there.  Darren and Deb have a special bond rarely seen in siblings.

Dale and Gill treated us to the Famous Manchester Christmas markets while we were in the North.  Its hustle and bustle of the city was remarkably different that those in the South.  We enjoyed the famous Mulled Wine while watching people get their Holiday shopping done.

I was charmed by the beauty of Stoneyhurst college, where we attended another Market.  Its something I was certain was out of Harry Potter movies.  Its beauty and energy in the building was fascinating. 

We spent a few afternoons in Clitheroe a town not far from Darren’s hometown. We walked the delightful streets, enjoyed the beauty of this Renaissance Era town and enjoyed a few lunches out at a Brewery with family and our beautiful niece who we enjoyed getting to know.

Clitheroe is famous for its Castle which is known to be one of the oldest buildings in Lancashire, and is right on the steps of Pendle Hill.   The trials of the Pendle witches in 1612 are among the most famous  witch trials in English history, and some of the best recorded of the 17th century.

Our two months in England finally came to an end and we had our tearful goodbyes to our wonderful family.   We wouldn’t be very far away in France, but when you leave you know that you never know what can happen and it could always be a last goodbye. 

And off we jetted away for France!!!