Gunk holing Grenada

Gunkholing Grenada

Saturday early afternoon we waited for the sun to get high enough in the sky so we could visibly see the reefs surrounding the entrance to St Davids Harbour. We wanted to head somewhere else where we could get a few more chores done.
Being that Colin and FMD were on one engine when he entered the boatyard in July, Colin didn’t get to visit any of the other bays on the South shore of Grenada, so we wanted to check a few of them out. Saturday took us to Calivigny Harbour, just a few bays over to the west. It was a quiet anchorage, only big enough for the 5 boats that were there. We did find a nice spot in a few meters of water and set to doing more chores.

We did not have a dingy engine working as we were waiting on an impeller to arrive, so not going to shore didn’t really affect us at all. It was a nice change from the noise and hussle and bustle of the boatyard. And we were floating.

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Getting Finally My Darling Ready for Launch

Grenada Marine, and Grenada

We arrived on Sunday and Colin met us at the airport in a sunny
humid St Georges, Grenada.

Colin got a deal on a car… and good thing it was a deal… it was a heap, but it got our errands done. Over the first few days we got to know Colin and the boat. We seem to get along well and Colin turned out to be as much fun in person as he is on Skype and FB. Always good for a laugh or a story or two. With Colin being from Australia, NOW I have TWO accents to contend with… and don’t even get them started on Monty Python skits.

We commenced provisioning, boat parts shopping, WiFi configuring, etc,… all the “normal” boat things.
Finally My Darling is a Lagoon 440, owners version. Its rigged for cruising- watermaker, dive compressor, washing machine, generator, solar panels, all the “necessities”. Oh yes, the sails and rigging are in fabulous shape with a newer cruising main, all the electronics you would need, safety equipment, the list goes on.


Monday we started getting to work in between our errands on getting FMD ready to launch. We had hoped for a Wednesday launch, but as things go, we would be delayed until Friday. We commenced cleaning, organizing, polishing, fixing, washing, hanking, and getting to know our new mode of transportation. A few exhausted days, early nights, bottles of wine, some rum, sunburns and sweaty clothes, and we are ready to drop FMD into the water!! We can’t wait to be floating again.

Finally!!! Friday morning came and we were ready! Just in time for Grenada Liberation weekend celebrations.

The launch went almost flawlessly, the ground was a bit soft in front of the Travellift, and the wheels slopped into the ginormous pothole. When the boom smacked into the rear of the Lift, our heart had a jump in beats. It could have caused some serious damage, but as luck would have it, none was done,… that we know of yet. Although we have not quite lifted the sails.

WE worked the remainder of the day getting the mainsail rigged… and as boat things” go,.. into the next day as well. It’s a HUGE main and we had to get the three reef points back how they were supposed to be, inside the stack pack, and on the correct sides of the sail. It took a couple of efforts, some picture reviewing, and a bit of ‘siphering. Having not seen how it was rigged before, Darren and I could only guess. We did eventually get it all correct.
Friday night, lucky for us was a big celebration at Grenada marine, to help celebrate the Liberation, and we lucked out and managed to get there in time for FREE Lobster dinner!

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And the Adventure Begins- Canada to Grenada

Jan 30/31

I always said Id go back to cruising.

Sitting on the plane headed to JFK from Seattle, having left the “family” we love for new adventures, it allows you time to reflect on so many things.

We are off to join a friend on his boat in Grenada. Time for a change in the pace of life. Opportunities opened and we grasped them. Scary. Enticing. Exciting.
We packed up the house in the last few weeks, everything we own shoved into a 12×12 tool room off our garage packed to the brim. We had some people who are in between houses who wanted to rent our house while were away , organized, DE cluttered, sold or loaned out extra things that we didn’t really need anyways, and packed a few bags to bring with us. We enjoyed the love of our family and friends, we shed some tears, hugged our people and… here we are, on the eve of something new.
Not completely new for me. But for Darren it is. He’s never had an extended time off work. Never not-worked. He’s holding up well, considering these things.

I’ve cruised before. I loved the life it gave me and my kids, and I always said id go back, given a few different circumstances. This time is different. Darren and I get along very well, we have a loving respectful relationship and we love finding and sharing adventure in what we do. Not on our own boat… not on our own- just the two of us, but we will be cruising with someone we hardly know, although it seems like we’ve known him for ages. It’s been just a few short months since we’ve met. Well sort of met… we’ve only talked on phone, Facebook and Skype, never ACTUALLY met in person. Ya, sure.. we will jump on your boat with your for a while sure.. why not?

Some may call us crazy, most are in full support of our choice. You only live once, and with all that we have endured in the last few years… its time for a change.
Lets see where this NautiKel Adventure brings us.
Bring it on!
Arriving in Grenada

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