The Illness came quickly

For a couple of weeks, I, Kelly,  had been not feeling well, on and off.  One day ok, the next, not so good.  As a few weeks went on, the symptoms got worse and worse, and finally, our reluctance turned to insistence, and persistence from our friends, we hired a Launcha to take Darren and I to Carti where the nearest hospital was. 

Between the fevers, and chills, sweats and delusion… it was 32 degrees that day, in the shade. I was freezing.

At this point the fever and chills had been a daily occurrence, the excruciating body pain, headaches and eye pain was unbearable, and the vomiting had started.   Have I ever mentioned that I’m a bit stubborn..??? 

The diagnosis was Malaria. Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitos, usually daytime biting mosquitoes.   The treatment for Malaria is a 7 day course of some pretty strong medication, and must be administered AT the hospital daily.  The hospital gave me the first treatment, and told us to retun everyday for the successive ones.

This is the dock at the Hospital at Carti.

Taking the lancha back to our anchorage where NautiKel and our friends were anchored was excruiciating.  The next day we powered back to Carti to receive the remaining treatments.   Our friends joined us for the 3 hour cruise back to Carti, as they had not been there before.   I was in Absolutely NO condition to do anymore than throw up and look like a rag doll so the company was nice for Darren who was quite concerned about me.   After the fourth day of treatment I started to feel somewhat human again.  Although most of the seven days were spent sleeping and waking enough for water and turning over.  Darren was an excellent caretaker those days, which I hardly remember.

I spent about three weeks looking like this.. or worse.

It took about a month to get back to any sort of normal routine.  I never want to get this illness again.  It was absolutely dreadful.  The only good part about having Malaria, was the bill (cost) of it.  All in all, it cost us $12.  

  Yes you read right  Twelve US dollars.  Diagnosis, complete bloodwork, treatment, recheck two weeks later,  all for $12.  I still don’t want to do that again though…… 

Because of my severe case of Malaria ( Steph said she had not seen anyone look that ill that was not admitted into a hospital for care), they asked us to return every months for a blood check for the next 6 months. August was spent in one of our favorite anchorages, the East Lemmons, where we were surrounded by friends. It was a blur mostly for Kelly, and Darren was  really a best mate by taking on all the boat chores, cooking and cleaning while I rehabbed.

I spent about 3 weeks looking like this.

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