Waiting in Cartagena, Forts and Car Accidents

We wait on news on our loved Captain after a flight from HE** from Cartagena thru Bogata, Santiago, Aukland then Sidney and Brisbane ( after nearly 60 hours) he finally arrived. After leaving the Airport when we dropped Col off, in tears all around, Darren and I took some time to analyze our thoughts, walk around aimlessly, cry, laugh, and ponder our direction… all while looking at this beautiful city, Cartagena.

Castillo San Filipe

typical Street in Old Town

Darren and I did some work on the boat, including REDOING the anchor windlass- AGAIN. It has been an issue for us for the last few months, and after having it worked on by a machinist in both Provo, Turks, and then again in MoBay, Jamaica, between Colin and Daren, they figured out what to do, and we got it complete. In Sailboats, you must improvise, so we did, and it worked.

Since we dint get to the Fort when Col was with us, due to his illness, we ventured into the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, located just a 20 minue walk from the OLD Town, or city center. It is regarded as the greatest fortress ever built by the Spaniards in their colonies. The tunnels were all constructed in such a way as to make it possible to hear footsteps of an approaching enemy. To be honest, Darren and I were not really impressed with the Castillo,.. but maybe because we have seen such beautiful Forts in our cruise of the Caribbean.
Castillo San Filipe 2

Sentry Box at San Filipe
It was hot, and has no shade, it did not seem to have any gathering places, as in other fortresses, and it seemed to lack character. But you should make up your own mind when you visit here.

Vehicle Driving is crazy in Cartagena. We would NEVER rent a car here. Taking a taxi is bad enough, and for the many trips we had been in around the city, we were surprised that there were not more ben fenders and accidents,.. until now…

A motorcycle bumped in the the rear of the taxi and the Taxi man was M A D!!!! they stopped and argued with each other until the Motorcycle driver FINALLY paid up 25,000 Pesos, an equivalent of $12 Canadian.

Here are a few fun facts we have learned in our time here:
• Cartagena is one of the few cities in the world with a submarine emissary inaugurated in 2013
• Tourism is a mainstay of the economy and Cartagena is the commercial and touristic hub of the country, the city has many transportation facilities, one of which is SUPER CHEAP taxis.
• One would NOT want to drive here. 9 not ever our brother DALE) I like driving. A LOT. But I would be insane to do it here… no sireeeee
• Humidity averages around 90%, with rainy seasons typically in May–June and October–November. We can vouch for th humidity- we carry a sweat cloth (uuugggh)
• The beaches of Bocagrande, lying along the northern shore, are made of volcanic sand, which is slightly greyish in colour. This makes the water appear muddy, though it is not.
• Because im an “Eagles” Fan; Cartagena figured prominently in the “Smuggler’s Blues” (1985) episode of Miami Vice, featuring guest star Glenn Frey and his song “Smuggler’s Blues,
• For the Poets of you; The poem “Románc” (1983) by Sándor Kányádi talks about the beauty of Cartagena,
• And for the Gamers; The city is the scene of two levels in the video game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

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